Beeps In Boops Out

This is a series of blog posts that I’m going to be making about… well… therapy. I had my first therapy appointment this past Wednesday and wanted to sort of detail my experiences and journey with it. These posts are going to be very free form and stream-of-consciousness in style, so don’t expect a lot of structure or editing. To be completely honest, this is just me openly processing the therapy session. Keep reading past the break if you’re interested.

Alternate Titles: "Why I Need Queer Passports", and "Why I hate That I Need Queer Passports"

There's a lovely little article by Jason Michaels and Mady G. called "Am I Queer Enough". Check that article out first here... ... and when you're done reading that, join me below the break for a long and possibly rambly breakdown of my feelings on this topic.

They should be a dead media. They ARE a dead media. But now they're alive again? Hell, even I have one now... again. But culture and society has performed some strange sort of internet necromancy to bring the blog back, and the concept of the personal site is rising from its cold, abandoned grave, shrugging off the dust of Geocities pages past. What gives?